Retirement Life

            What is Retirement Life™ (RL)? 

            It’s a trademarked sales platform offered exclusively by advisors who are licensed to sell EIUL products through our IMO.  

            No one policy can fit every client.  RL stands for the truism that in order to offer the best advice to clients when it comes to growing wealth using EIUL policies, you have to be able to provide the three best policies in the market.  Those policies will fit a conservative, moderately conservative, and aggressively conservative thinking client.

            The following (on the left) is the 1-page client brochure and (on the right) a 7-page brochure for Retirement Life™ (click on either to download). It can be customized to have an advisor’s contact info in the bottom left hand corner.  Below the brochure is a picture of the first page of a PowerPoint presentation licensed advisors can use to motivate and educate their clients (you can also click here to view).

            If you want to sign up to learn more about Retirement Life™ including viewing an advisor presentation on this exclusive marketing platform, please click here.