An Affordable Captive Insurance Company Solution

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 Affordable CIC Solutions

            Do you work with profitable medium to small business clients (doctors, manufactures, etc)?  OR;

            Do you WANT TO work with profitable medium to small business clients (doctors, manufactures, etc)? 

            What’s the number one complaint from profitable small business owners?  They pay too much in income taxes (which is going to get worse in 2011 and beyond).

            What are the options to help reduce income taxes for business owners?

            1) 401(k)/Profit Sharing Plans—The deductions are not high, you have to include your staff, and when the money comes out it’s all income taxable.

            2) Defined Benefit Plans—For older clients, the deduction can be substantial, but the contributions for employees can be substantial and when the money comes out, it’s all income taxable.

            3) Section 79 Plans—To put it bluntly, they are not financially viable even though they are being pitched as a wonderful tax favorable plan for business owners (click here to read a newsletter on why these plans won’t work).

            4) Captive Insurance Companies—Until recently, I would have this on my list as a viable tool, but one that only works if clients can afford an annual premium of $400,000 or more a year.  So, it’s viable, just not usable for most of our small business clients.

            FYI, CICs are not employee benefit plans and when a business client no longer has a need for the CIC, it can be closed and the money remaining can be removed at the long-term capital gains tax rate.

A new affordable CIC solution

            A typical CIC costs $50,000-$75,000 to setup and $35,000+ a year to run (which is why it’s not viable for most clients).

            The affordable CIC structure has a setup fee of approximately 10% of the typical captive and the annual admin will be 30% of the typical annual administration. How can that be?  It's actually quite simple and I suggest you sign up to learn more if you want to find out.

            What does this new price structure mean?  It means that the structure is designed for clients who want to use a CIC where the minimum premium will be $100,000. This price point will make CICs available to many small business owners who are not candidates for the typical CIC structure.

Cash Value Life Insurance

            For clients who want to use cash value life insurance as a risk mitigation tools and as a way to grow money in the CIC in a tax free manner, they can choose to allocate up to 40% of the premium paid to the CIC into CVL.  There are several business reasons to use LI inside a CIC that you can learn about when you click here to sign up for more information.